We highly recommend watching a video before making up your mind. If you don’t see something that meets your organization’s needs, let us know! We’d love to chat about it. Most of these videos have a great blog post as well. Head to DipJar Success Stories to read more!


DipCast with Dress for Success Boston!

You asked for it, and we made it happen! Donations displaying on a screen in real time! Dip in any DipJar and it shows up instantly. You can have a thermometer, item counter, or voting system. READ MORE

TCC Real Estate Teams Up with Big Sister

TCC held an event which showcased luxury condos at the LoveJoy Wharf. While working with Big Sister, they learned all about why DipJar beats out other payment processors when accepting donations. READ MORE

Introducing DipCast: Show your donations in real time

At DipJar, we’re always trying to improve. Our newest innovation is DipCast! Dip in any DipJar and it shows up on a screen! READ MORE

Women’s Lunch Place’s 3 Ways of Using DipJar

Women’s lunch place uses DipJar in all facets of their fundraising. DipJar isn’t a one trick pony, and can create a ton of fundraising opportunities READ MORE

Central Square Theatre Raises $19K more with DipJar

By having DipJars in their lobby, Central Square is able to have a “captive audience” and get donors to give in an instant! READ MORE

Dress for Success Boston Makes Fundraising a Game

Raffles can get so creative with just a little extra effort. This is a MUST SEE if you throw events often. They sold out of the raffle and raised way more than they even thought was possible! READ MORE

AFSP Uses DipJar to collect Bigger Donations During their Charity Walk

With a touchy subject like suicide awareness, it is hard to ask for donations. AFSP used DipJar to keep things positive and ask for more donations without seeming too pushy. READ MORE

Big Sisters Boston Amps Up the Donations with Incentives

By having several levels of quick giving, Big Sisters was able to make everyone happy and attract big spenders at the same time! This is a MUST SEE! READ MORE

Dollar For Portland Uses DipJar in Coffee Shops!

Jared Walker of Dollar For is a one man band. He’s the single member of his thriving nonprofit. How does he make it work? With DipJar of course! READ MORE

Salvation Army is Going Cashless!

Salvation Army understands times are changing. Millennials don’t carry cash anymore! They use DipJar for their Red Kettle Stands and other events! READ MORE

Loggerhead Thrives off of Suggested Donations

This Marine Life Center has exceeded all of their fundraising goals 3 months ahead of schedule! Loggerhead has raised over $100K with DipJar alone! READ MORE

Komen’s Amazing Use of DipJar for a Raffle!

Susan G. Komen used DipJar to make a raffle much more exciting and easy! READ MORE

Child’s Play Uses DipCast To Attract Tons of Donors

At the PAX East gaming convention, Child’s Play took advantage and attracted as many donors as possible! READ MORE

Veteran Community Project’s DipJar Success

VCP uses DipJar to raise way more money when displaying their tiny houses. When the first 5 DipJars paid for themselves instantly, they bought 5 more! Now they own 20 DipJars and use them in Starbucks and at every event! READ MORE