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What if you could collect way more donations from credit cards? Just ask Big Sister Association of Greater Boston how they did it :)

Jared Walker is a "One Man Show" raising thousands of dollars to help families in need in Portland, Oregon.

The Tiny House Guys at Veterans Community Project are building homes for homeless veterans.

Taking in the sun on a beautiful summer day to help the Greater Boston Food Bank feed families.

DipJar was featured in an awesome news segment with United Way of Erie County, PA by their local news station YourErie. 

Nobody knows branding of nonprofits better than DipJar. That's why we offer it as a 100% free service on all DipJar orders!

The Front Porch Arts Collective examines the interactions between race, economics, culture, gender and sexuality from a Black and Brown perspective. 

DipJar webinar on best in-person fundraising practices.

Phi Alpha Tau honored Dr. David Brudnoy and raised money for AIDS research at Mass General Hospital