$16M Raised. 2M Dips.

$16M raised in funding with 2M dips - a success story!

August 24, 2021

We're excited to announce that nonprofit organizations have collectively raised $16 million using DipJar!

The idea for the first DipJar came from founder Ryder Kessler in 2008 as a way to tip coffee shop baristas. And man, how it has grown since then! When the team realized that DipJar could help nonprofit organizations raise critical funds to support their work, we were ecstatic.

We quickly became committed to improving the world of fundraising to make donating fun, easy, and memorable. We adjusted the design of the DipJar to better serve nonprofits who were transitioning from traditional cash and check donations to accepting credit cards. Since entering the nonprofit fundraising world, our team has worked hard to ensure all of our customers see success because we believe that we are only successful if our customers are successful.

How We Got There

Our customers. It's their dedication to their mission-driven work that got us to where we are today. We've climbed to over 5,000 customers across the United States, with 9,098 DipJars "in the wild". These DipJars are everywhere - at an organization's office, at events, golf fundraisers, galas, and partner retail locations to encourage members of the public to support nonprofit work in their communities. And they've done just that. Over 2 million dips have been made to reach $16 million raised.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center, one of our largest customers, has been using DipJar to collect visitor donations in their welcome center since 2017. Since purchasing their first DipJar, they’ve added more Jars because they are so successful in engaging visitors to donate to support their lifesaving work! It’s incredibly exciting to announce that LMC has raised almost $500,000 using their DipJars!

While DipJars have traditionally been used at events, galas, and in lobbies, it’s fun to see how creative our customers get to encourage donations through DipJar. If we had to pick our favorite for ‘most creative’, Friends of Dallas Animal Services would win! They’ve nicknamed their DipJar “Phoebe” and added a dog collar and ears to drive home that they are fundraising for animals! Even more, they rotate ‘Phoebe’ around Dallas, Texas to new retail locations to reach a broader audience. When ‘Phoebe’ was at their local pizza shop, they cleverly placed the Jar in a pizza box with a fresh donate sign to catch diners attention!

We are where we are because of customers like Loggerhead Marinelife Center and Friends of Dallas Animal Services. We love the nonprofit community and are so proud to help drive donor engagement to all the incredible missions of our customers.

What's Next?

SparkVirtual on Mobile

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that the work that our nonprofit customers do is more critical than ever. Our passion to help them achieve fundraising success has only increased as a result. We kicked into high gear when the pandemic required many customers to cancel in person events to release SparkVirtual so they could continue to use DipJar to fundraise virtually.

Our team is working hard to develop, enhance, and innovate our product offerings and features that will allow customers to achieve even greater success with DipJar.

"We know how challenging this past year has been for our customers - the pandemic forced so many to adapt their strategies to reach and engage with donors. DipJar has always been about “in-person” giving, but we are in an increasingly “hybrid” world, and believe that more and more events will combine live and virtual presence. We’re working on many new innovations to help connect and bridge these worlds - so watch for more and let us know how we can help!"

"We are thrilled to cross this threshold and be able to help our customers and the causes they support, and we cannot say a big enough 'thank you' to our customers for trusting us to help make fundraising fun and easy! We can't wait to see what we can do together next." Chris Selland, CEO of DipJar

Cheers to Creating (Many) More Giving Moments!

The DipJar Team


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