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The Future of Fundraising

DipJar has changed the game of fundraising. No more pledge cards. No more dongles. No more tablets. We've cut out all the steps to make giving as easy as dropping cash in a jar -- except the cash is gone.

Embrace those emotional moments

Your events are very special moments when you have the most intimate and emotional connection with your supporters. These "warm glow" moments are the instant when donors are most inspired to give to your cause. Don't miss the opportunity to capture spontaneous moments of generosity.

a canvas for your cause

We know that the power of your cause's brand is one of your greatest assets. It is essential that you exhibit your brand in its truest form as often as you can and as vibrant as you can. Not only does DipJar make it easy for you to collect donations, we make donors aware of your cause and draw them in with your beautiful imagery.