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Carrying cash is a thing of the past and the use of checks or paper pledge cards is declining. People need an easy way to donate, and want to use their credit cards to do it.

Organizations with diverse missions reach new donors every day with DipJar

At countless moments in life, we are moved to express generosity and gratitude — donating to a charity, supporting a school, or giving to a local cultural institution. These moments make up the fabric of the everyday and are our opportunities to express our investment in the people, causes, and norms that we value – those to whom we love to give. But, the way people give is changing. People don’t carry cash anymore and the use of checks or paper pledge cards is declining. People need an easy way to donate, and want to use their credit card to do it.


Increase in Donors Annually


Organizations & Events Supported Annually


DipJars in the Wild

A memorable giving experience, every time.

DipJar Pro

We took the best qualities of the DipJar Classic, then added the features you've been asking for.

On The Go

On The Go

Its rechargeable battery keeps it powered for 11 hours, enabling you to meet your donors on-the-go.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-Fi Enabled

Connect your DipJar Pro to your wi-fi network or hotspot if you're heading to an event.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

Accept quick, cashless donations through 'dips', ApplePay, and tap to pay.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Create a customized experience and let donors select their donation amount.

Cashless donations made easy.

DipJar Classic

The connected DipJar device enables cashless generosity for engaging, joyful, and frictionless donations. It’s plug-and-play, simply power up and you’re ready for donors to start ‘dipping!’



Power up and you’re ready for donors to dip! It’s designed to be used by anyone and everyone who wants to fundraise for your organization.

Lights and sounds

Lights and sounds

Cha-ching! The DipJar’s lights and sounds make donating fun and contagious. Once people hear it, everyone will want a chance to dip!

Quick Transactions

Quick Transactions

Donors can donate in less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee! We mean it when we say DipJar is fast, easy, and fun.

Donor Covered Fees

Donor Covered Fees

Give donors the option to cover the transaction fees associated with their donation, meaning your organization gets 100% of the intended donation.

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Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

"The mobility of the device makes it easy to use it wherever we go. And once we start using it, people want to know more. Other nonprofits at the Vegas event were so curious and enthusiastic about the device and how we were using it."

Melissa Washington

Founder, and CEO

"People love them. We have one couple who comes regularly. They each ‘dip’ using their own credit cards, dueling back and forth. It’s a lot of fun to watch them – and to watch their donations coming in!"

Shannon Carroll

Director of Business Operations

"It’s been life-changing – we’re now pulling in as much from the DipJars on a monthly basis that we were getting from three separate cash boxes."

Andrea Williams

Finance Manager

“DipJar is the best thing created for donations! We take it everywhere we can!”

Veronica Oladeji

Director of Special Events

“They’re just so easy. Staff can simply point them out to people, and they understand what to do. I love them.”

Erica Busillo Adams

Providence Public Library

"I love DipJar, wherever we are visible, we bring our DipJars."

Brynne Balboa

Direct Marketing Manager

"I love the adaptability of the DipJars. We’re looking forward to seeing donations made through them grow when they’re moved to our redesigned circulation desk in the fall. It will be easy for the staff to point them out to patrons interested in supporting our special library."

Joyce Fehl

Development and Marketing Manager

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