DipJar is several hundred bucks; we’ve raised $19,000
— Catherine Carr Kelly, Executive Director - Central Square Theater




DipJar helps Thousands of Nonprofits Raise Millions of Dollars


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Event Collection

  • Easy donations in seconds

  • Double Dip for double the donation

  • Donors have fun donating!

  • No wifi needed

  • Up to $1,000 per dip!

  • Easily change the dollar amount

Embrace those emotional moments

Your events are very special moments when you have the most intimate and emotional connection with your supporters. These "warm glow" moments are the instant when donors are most inspired to give to your cause. Don't miss the opportunity to capture spontaneous moments of generosity. 

Make donating fun

DipJar has changed the event fundraising forever. No more pledge cards. No more dongles. No more tablets. We've made giving as easy and FUN as possible! There is no limit for how creative you can get with DipJar.

Daily Collection

  • Collect donations at the door

  • Simple business partnerships

  • Secure and safe transactions

  • Easy to change dollar amount

Use DipJar to help form lasting business partnerships

When you aren't holding events, put your DipJar to use collecting donations and creating awareness on a daily basis. DipJar makes it easier to ask businesses for help. Who wouldn't spare a little counter space for such a cute gadget?!

Museums, aquariums, and libraries, Oh My!

DipJar is fantastic with collecting quick and easy admission fees. Whether your organization has optional or mandatory admission, DipJar can help keep the lines down, and the intake up! Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, FL has seen a huge increase in donations by making their DipJars visible and posting high dollar amounts.

Hear why nonprofits love us!

We can only say so much about how big of an impact DipJar is making for nonprofits across the country. So we let our nonprofit partners do the talking for us! Read our Nonprofit Blog or follow us on Facebook for more stories from our nonprofit partners.