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Fundraising made easy with a customized DipJar

Same Day Branding,
Next Day Delivery.

Cashless, in-person donation collection in seconds.
Free custom branding on all orders.

Event Collection

Bring DipJar to all of your events! From charity walks to black tie-galas, DipJar is an essential tool to capture in- person donations. DipJar's speed and ease allows donors to give while still enjoying the event you worked so hard to put on.



Get DipJar customized with your nonprofit's logo. We print high-quality, full-color images on the front of our jars. Branding can transform a product and create a sense of trust in a donor. We are offering free custom branding on all orders. Email a high-quality image of your logo to support@dipjar.com for same day branding, next day delivery. 


On-Site Collections

Make DipJar a staple where you do your work everyday! Theaters, food pantries and houses of worship are all great places for DipJar. Donors will be inspired by your hard work, and DipJar makes it easy for them to show it.


Trusted by the World's Good Doers




How It Works

DipJar is plug-and-play: power them up and you're empowered. New donations with just a dip—money in the bank and data at your fingertips. 


DipJars connect via the cellular network when powered, ready to send encrypted card data to be processed. Funds are disbursed into your account either weekly, biweekly or monthly.



Different events, demographics and physical locations of your DipJar can all affect the appropriate donation amount. That's no problem! The donation amount displayed on the top of the DipJar is easy to change through your online dashboard account.



After purchasing, you will be prompted to create an online dashboard account. Once you receive your DipJar, all you have to do is plug it in! The DipJar will immediately connect to the cellular network and you can begin collecting donations instantly!


A DipJar costs $399, which includes the first year of coverage. After that, it costs $99 a year to keep the DipJar operational. All credit and debit card processing has fees attached; DipJar’s credit card processing fee is 6% + 17¢ per transaction. 


Common Questions

We know—even though DipJar is the simplest way to unlock cashless donations, there's always another question or two. We're happy to answer :)

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes! We specialize in large-scale relationships with major nonprofits and corporate customers who need lots of DipJars and special software tools to manage them. Get in touch for a custom quote, whether you're an organization yourself or work with one as a service provider or reseller.


How many users can have Dashboard access?

Your standard account comes with three user accounts, but if you have more complicated needs we'll be thrilled to put together a plan just for you!


Do you have training materials?

Yes! When strategizing about how to maximize your new donations and donor acquisition with DipJar, you're not alone. Check out our blog posts, training videos, and webinars to learn about best practices. Once you sign up, you'll get even more.

Can we brand our DipJars?

If you get a DipJar, it's yours—make it your own! Stickers and signage are great for small orders, but we'll gladly produce custom colors and screen-print your branding and call to action onto the DipJars themselves. Show off your brand and your innovation! Contact us for more information.


How do we receive the funds we collect?

You'll tell us the bank account (or accounts) you need funds to land in, and we'll deposit your intake net of fees weekly, biweekly or monthly.


How do other organizations use DipJar?

Nonprofits large and small have unlocked joyful, one-step donations wherever they're face-to-face with donors—at their sites of operation, at events, and in corporate and retail campaigns. Download our case studies to see specifics about their success.


New donations collected by a single DipJar over the course of one month in $20 dips


Unique donors captured by one organization using DipJar


Cashless donations unlocked by one organization's DipJars in their first year


Kind Words from Good Doers

DipJar is trusted to capture in-person donations and convert new donors by the nation's most trusted causes  

In the age when many walk around without cash, the DipJar is a quick and easy way for visitors to the Library and Schomburg Center to make a donation. Other causes should consider DipJar if they have frequent visitors (day to day traffic or special events) and feel there is an untapped potential to convert these visitors to donors.

Shayla Titley
New York Public Library

Manager, Membership Programs

I love the ease of use, branded Salvation Army red units, and delight of the success sound. It's also wonderful to work with a company that offers such personal and customized campaign support. The DipJar team has been amazing to work with. They are true professionals who understand the world of philanthropy and business and I've been very impressed by them and their process every step of the way.

Maria Todaro
The Salvation Army
Corporate Relations Manager for the USA Western Territory

In the past we found that many would-be donors were being turned away because they don’t carry cash — so DipJar has helped enormously with small donations, especially at our larger functions. Actually, people have started to suspect that I work for DipJar secretly because I talk about it so much at our events!

Sarah Stevens
Fresh Arts
Operations and Administration

Get in touch. We're excited to get started!