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Enabling cashless generosity for those who love to give.
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Nonprofits nationwide are using DipJar to collect one-step cashless donations wherever potential supporters are encountering their cause.

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We were looking for a solution to a growing challenge in on-site giving — giving people the ability to donate without cash. We’ve found that when a DipJar is supported by a knowledgeable, personal interaction, giving becomes easy. Due to the nature of our organization, exibility is key since many of our partner hospitals face unique challenges. We’ve found applications we wouldn’t have considered when we began our test.

Megan Hillier Manager, Innovation


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I love the ease of use, branded Salvation Army red units, and delight of the confirmation sound. It's also wonderful to work with a company that offers such personal and customized campaign support. The DipJar team has been amazing to work with. They are true professionals who understand the world of philanthropy and business and I've been very impressed by them and their process every step of the way.

Maria Todaro Corporate Relations Manager for the USA Western Territory


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In the age when many walk around without cash, the DipJar is a quick and easy way for visitors to the Library and Schomburg Center to make a donation. Other causes should consider DipJar if they have frequent visitors (day to day traffic or special events) and feel there is an untapped potential to convert these visitors to donors.

Shayla Titley Manager, Membership Programs


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In the past we found that many would-be donors were being turned away because they don’t carry cash — so DipJar has helped enormously with small donations, especially at our larger functions. Actually, people have started to suspect that I work for DipJar secretly because I talk about it so much at our events!

Sarah Stevens Operations and Administration


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It's a 75¢ to a dollar raise per hour, per employee.

Anthony Pigliacampo Owner


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At first we were hesitant to use DipJar, since we thought it was a waste of counter space and nobody would be willing to spend extra time dipping their card again after a transaction was completed. However, we were happily surprised with the results, and they keep getting higher and higher each month. More importantly, my staff is super excited that they get this ‘extra’ money when in the past it did not exist. I am happy to be a part of DipJar's growing business.

Sammy Cohen Owner


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DipJar enables us to be more competitive with higher end restaurants from a compensation perspective, without putting additional burden onto the restaurant finances. We can offer our employees a fairly good tip rate (it's above $.50/hr now), keep our through-put fast, and share the tips among the whole team. It's a great solution.

Amy Blettel Director of Operations


In The News

The Salvation Army Just Killed Your Excuse That You're

The Salvation Army Just Killed Your Excuse That You're "Out of Change"

When you slide a card into one of them, it automatically charges a set amount... The machines produce a satisfying dinging sound as the payment goes through, clearly indicating to all involved that a virtuous act has been performed.


$3 Tip on a $4 Cup of Coffee? Gratuities Grow, Automatically

$3 Tip on a $4 Cup of Coffee? Gratuities Grow, Automatically

Other technological innovations are making a difference for baristas and other counter employees. A company, DipJar, has created an electronic tip jar — patrons who pay for their coffee, ice cream or bagel with a credit card can dip the same card into a receptacle by the register for a preset tip amount, usually $1.

Finally, The Solution to That Awkward Tip Jar

Finally, The Solution to That Awkward Tip Jar

"It's a 75-cent to a dollar raise per hour, per employee," Anthony Pigliacampo, a co-founder of Modern Market, told us. Unlike in a typical restaurant, dipping your credit card into a DipJar not only rewards the person ringing you up, it rewards the entire crew — from the dishwasher to the chef. It's my dream come true.