Why DipJar

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We're changing the game of fundraising

At countless moments in life, we are moved to express generosity and gratitude — donating to a charity, supporting a school, or giving to a local cultural institution. These moments make up the fabric of the everyday and are our opportunities to express our investment in the people, causes, and norms that we value – those to whom we love to give. But, the way people give is changing. People don’t carry cash anymore and the use of checks or paper pledge cards is declining. People need an easy way to donate, and want to use their credit card to do it.

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Our Mission

Help You Reach Donors

At DipJar, we amplify impact by supporting those who work tirelessly to create positive change in their community. We understand that the world of giving has changed, that’s why our solutions make it easier for donors to connect with missions that mean the most to them. Our technology empowers organizations to stand out and make an impact with their donors - wherever they are.

Our Vision & Values

Help You Succeed

DipJar envisions a time when all acts of giving are joyful and engaging to help nonprofit organizations see fundraising success.


Our team succeeds when we work together internally and with our customers. We encourage our team to share ideas, communicate, and learn from each other.


We appreciate, support, and encourage our team to make decisions and take ownership that allows them to contribute to the success of our company.


We align ourselves with the values and needs of our customers to foster a work environment that values the community.


We embrace creativity and innovation through open communication and idea sharing. We celebrate our team’s achievements and encourage both personal and professional development.

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