5 Creative Techniques for Donation Solicitation

Central Square Theater is a nonprofit theater located in Cambridge, MA. They rely on the help of generous donors to be able to put on inspiring productions, like those of the Front Porch Arts Collective, every week. Raising over $20,000 with DipJar makes them donation solicitation experts, and we want to share some of their best tips!

1. Don't Make Donating Feel Like a Transaction 

"Square works successfully for us in concessions and things where we’re doing a sales transaction. We don’t like to think about fundraising that way, we like to think about it as relationship building"

-Catherine Carr Kelly, Central Square Theater

Central Square Theater makes donors feel special and as if they are truly contributing to the nonprofit every time they donate. Don't make your donors feel like a bank account, make them feel like a part of the family.  



2. Educate Donors on How to Give

When using innovative donation collection methods it is important that donors understand how and where to give. The Front Porch Arts Collective does a a fun demonstration to educate the donors about DipJar and make sure they understand where and when it will be available. 

3. Make Donating Friction Free 

In the past, Central Square Theater provided envelopes in their programs and the Front Porch Arts Collective encouraged attendees to donate online after the show. These multi-step processes proved to be cumbersome and would often discourage people from donating. Providing a one-step, friction-free option on location helps to increase donations because it's simple and donors can't forget! 

4. Suggested Donation Amount

Giving donors a suggested donation amount is key in increasing both cash and credit card donations. After Central Square Theater started using a DipJar set at $20, they saw a significant increase in $20 cash donations as well. It can also be helpful to create an infographic to show donors how much of a difference their donation is making. 

5. Make an investment in fundraising 

"In the basic math you know DipJar is a couple hundred bucks and we’ve raised $19,000 and that’s probably money we would not have raised"

Central Square Theater invested in ramping up their fundraising and it truly payed off allowing them to continue putting on inspiring shows for the local community!