5 Steps to Building a Sustainable Organization

In working with thousands of organizations, we’ve noticed some trends in what makes one organization more successful than another. Basically, the more you treat your nonprofit like a business, the more sustainable it becomes. In this ebook, we outline 5 key principles to balance your mission with profitability in order to build a sustainable nonprofit organization. Here are the highlights:

  1. Tell a compelling and emotional story
    Emotionally engaged customers are at least three times more likely to recommend products or services.

  2. Don't shy away from overhead
    It’s important to be realistic about what it takes to build an organization, even one that is built gradually.

  3. Create data-driven goals and decisions
    It starts with thinking about the big picture, asking the right questions, and then tailoring your strategy based on your specific nonprofit.

  4. Diversify your revenue streams strategically
    Don’t forget to allocate some resources for planning and analyzing these funding streams.

  5. Prioritize the donor experience
    Keeping your donors happy by making them feel valuable and engaged, and providing a seamless, superior experience is the key to recurring donor support.

These tips - borrowed from “capitalist” business practices - can be put in place to help your nonprofit put a focus on financial goals to help achieve your impact goals much faster. It IS possible to balance a pure and altruistic mission with capitalist business principles. There’s no need to be either/or. 

Download the ebook to dive into the details on what questions to ask and how to implement each of these tips.