5 Ways To Attract Donors to Your DipJar


One of the biggest keys to success for DipJar customers is making sure supporters know how and why they should dip. The easier you make it to give, the more they'll do it! Here are 5 tips on attracting more donors to your jar:

  • Make a card that speaks to what your organization's cause is. Your jar included a magnetic stand holder and a default card sign, but you can also make your own card! Many of our most successful nonprofits deisgn their own card to match their message and branding (see the examples above).
  • Make your own sign. Is a card too small for what you need? Go big with a sign instead! Use the extra real estate to really get your message across big and clearly.
  • Put a sticker on it. If you prefer to completely brand the DipJar itself after your cause (examples below), get a customized sticker that fits perfectly on the front of your jar.
  • Allow me to demonstrate. Make sure your volunteers and/or staff know how DipJar works so they can easily show supporters how to dip and donate (Pro tip: use the tester card that came with your jar).
  • Grab some popcorn. Watch our video to get a refresher on how easy it is to set up your DipJar to start collecting. If you need ideas on how and where to solicit donations, see what our most successful nonprofits have done.