7 Giving Tuesday Ideas You Haven't Already Heard!


It’s that time of year again! Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. I’m sure you’ve seen countless emails, blog posts and guides about this global day of giving. To help you get ready for November 27th, here are 7 tips you haven’t already heard of:

1. Get registered!

Ok, maybe you’ve already heard of this one! However, it’s important to register through the Giving Tuesday website to make sure you’re officially a part of this campaign. They have great resources and tool kits that will help you maximize your nonprofit’s donations.

2. Start a little early

Your donors are generous people and are likely supporting a number of great causes. This means they will be hit with Giving Tuesday asks from several angles. The solution? Start asking for donations a little early! Black Friday has turned into a multi-day event, why not Giving Tuesday! If the donations start rolling in a few days in advance, your fundraising total will be that much higher.

3. Create a Giving Tuesday Landing Page

Although most people are now familiar with the Global Day of Giving, you will likely still have some supporters who are looking for more information. An informative landing page is an easy place to send donors to get them up to speed. Your landing page should include a clear header, countdown, some calls to action and examples of social posts. Check out these 9 examples of Giving Tuesday landing pages.

4. Incorporate In-Person Giving

Although Giving Tuesday is primarily an online campaign, it is effective to have opportunities for in-person giving as well. Place donation jars (or DipJars!) in local businesses so your supporters can give throughout the day. Make sure to encourage social sharing, and remind donors to tag your organization and use #GivingTuesday!

5. Post Some Giving Tuesday Throwbacks

In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday, post some “throw back” social media posts from last year’s campaign! This will remind donors of their previous contributions, and make them feel compelled to participate again. As well as encourage new donors to give who don’t want to feel left out of the campaign!

6. Create Donation Tiers

Another great tactic is to implement a donation tier system, with your donor’s names posted on your nonprofit’s site. Publicly recognizing donors for their contributions is an effective factor in motivating larger gifts.

7. Incentivize Donations

Your donors are feeling generous during giving season, so you should too! This tactic fits well into the donation tier system. Reward donors with a small “prize” for contributing to your Giving Tuesday fundraiser. These prizes can include inexpensive branded items such as stickers, pens, cups, bags, etc. The prizes should be dependent upon the tier each donor falls in. Give the prizes out at your nonprofit’s next event or volunteer opportunity to encourage attendance!


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!