A Guide to Matching Donations

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Employee and company gift matching are popular programs that can have your nonprofit seeing a significant increase in donation intake!

These programs make the original donation go twice as far, without you even having to reach out to the second donor. You should encourage your donors to look into their companies’ gift matching programs, as well as your business connections to encourage gift matching. You may even be able to encourage a company to implement a new program!
You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you’re not taking full advantage of matching gift programs! Here are some tips to make sure you’re maximizing donations: 

1. Implement a matching gift search tool on your website

Using a search tool, potential donors can search their company name to see if their company participates in a matching gift program. Even if a donor does know about their matching gift program, they may have forgotten about it, which is why a reminder on your website could go a long way.

2. Reach out to companies to ask about gift matching programs

Use your connections in your community to talk to businesses and ask if they can promote their matching program to their employees and/or launch a matching program. They might ask, “What’s in it for me?” And you can explain how the work your organization does benefits the entire community, as well as how giving back to your organization will boost their reputation.

3. Promote the matching gift program on social media

We say this often, but it can never be overstated! Especially around busy giving times, like Giving Tuesday or the holidays, make sure you advertise to potential donors that their employer might double their impact! This will incentivize people to give because their $100 could automatically turn into $200 for a cause they support. 

4. Launch a limited time matching gift campaign

Get in touch with a local company or business partner and discuss the possibility of hosting a co-sponsored week-long donation challenge. Ask the company to what amount they would feel comfortable matching, and then set a challenge for your community. For example, if a company says they are willing to match up to $5,000, tell your community that you have a deadline by which to raise $5,000 to unlock the matching gift from the business partner. Both the company and your org can advertise it, which again brings great publicity for both of you. 

5. Initiate a corporate volunteer matching gift program

Remember a couple weeks ago when we discussed the value of volunteer hours at your org? There are even more ways to maximize your volunteers’ impact! Some companies will make a donation to “match” their employees’ time spent volunteering at your organization. For example, a company might say that if their employee volunteers 20 hours at your organization, they will donate $100 to you. Get in touch with your volunteers and have them ask their employers if they have such a program or would be interested in starting one. 

Here’s a list of the top matching gift programs in the country you can check out!


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