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The Benefits of In-Person Fundraising: Create a Connection to Your Cause

Although there has been a surge in online fundraising in the past few years (remember Giving Tuesday!), in-person donation collection remains a necessary piece of your nonprofit’s fundraising plan. I’m not suggesting you ditch online fundraising, but I want to touch on a few reasons why in-person fundraising is a crucial and irreplaceable nonprofit strategy.

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The Importance of Defining Your Nonprofit's Organizational Culture

You may often associate terms like "company culture" with millennial heavy start-up companies. However, organizational culture is an integral part of forming a strong team that reaches far beyond pizza parties and bonding exercises. A nonprofit's culture will effect how your team works internally, as well as how you interact with donors, supporters and volunteers. 

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6 Ways to Incentivize an Event-Goer to Make a Donation On-Site

Many nonprofits make the mistake of not providing opportunities for event attendees to continue contributing on-site. It is often thought that anything beyond an event ticket is too much to ask of a supporter. In realty, the opposite is true! If a person has made the choice to attend an event, they will likely be very willing to make additional contributions to the cause they feel so strongly about.

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