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Fundraising Tips for Schools

Everyone knows education is one of the most valuable resources for the future, and yet educational institutions often find themselves underfunded. Your school should capitalize on this sentiment to raise funds and bring more resources to your teachers, students, and programs! Check out these easy, creative, and fun ideas to learn how you can fundraise for your school.

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The Benefits of In-Person Fundraising: Create a Connection to Your Cause

Although there has been a surge in online fundraising in the past few years (remember Giving Tuesday!), in-person donation collection remains a necessary piece of your nonprofit’s fundraising plan. I’m not suggesting you ditch online fundraising, but I want to touch on a few reasons why in-person fundraising is a crucial and irreplaceable nonprofit strategy.

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The Importance of Defining Your Nonprofit's Organizational Culture

You may often associate terms like "company culture" with millennial heavy start-up companies. However, organizational culture is an integral part of forming a strong team that reaches far beyond pizza parties and bonding exercises. A nonprofit's culture will effect how your team works internally, as well as how you interact with donors, supporters and volunteers. 

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