DipJar for United Way

United Ways across the US have been turning to DipJar to help boost their fundraising! Check out these creative use cases that have helped United Ways bring in thousands of dollars in donations. 

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United Way of King County

In March of 2018, United Way of King County celebrated International Women's Day by hosting a panel where women shared inspiring words about #metoo, #BlackLivesMatter and gender pay inequality. They set their DipJars to $20 with all the donations going to support financial empowerment classes for low income women. The powerful words about inequality in the work place inspired the donors to give $820 in one night adding to their impressive fundraising total of over $23,000 collected with DipJar to date.


United Way of Erie County 

United Way of Erie County used three DipJars to bring the gift of reading to young kids in the local community. The promise of donation matching and fun DipJar demonstrations by board members made the attendees excited to start giving. They had three DipJars set at different dollar amounts giving donors the choice to either sponsor one, three or five children. These clear, pre-set donation amounts made it easy for a donor to see the full impact of their gift. They raised $2,490 using DipJar in in just a few hours to bring books to children in need. 

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United Way of Central MA

In September 2017, United Way of Central Massachusetts teamed up with Red Cross to bring relief to those effected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. With DipJar, cash and online donations combined, the Worcester Cares event brought in $53,000 in donations. The United Way of Central Massachusetts President, Tim Garvin, and all of the staff, volunteers, and supporters come out to help make this event as successful as it was. They were all very enthusiastic about DipJar! Every time someone dipped their card, the whole team would applaud and cheer for them, especially the double dippers! Check out a video of the event here.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!