SparkVirtual Features

Easy Customization

Engage donors by telling your story. Choose a theme, font colors, upload a background image, and write a compelling message.

Shareable Campaigns

All virtual campaigns are optimized for web browsers, a tablets, and mobile devices. Easily share your campaigns with donors using custom URLs.

Seamless Integration

Integrate campaigns with your DipJar device. All “dips” and virtual donations will update in real time, sharing your goal progress with donors everywhere.

Donor Covered Fees

Give donors the option to cover the transaction fees associated with their donation, meaning your organization gets 100% of the intended donation.

The SparkVirtual Difference

The original Spark product is designed as a display companion to the DipJar device. Spark enables you to display your campaign anywhere you want to share your message and fundraising goal. Your progress will display updates in real-time each time a donor “dips”!

SparkVirtual builds on Spark’s display capabilities by extending it to accept online and mobile donations, and can be used with or without a DipJar device.