DipJar for Schools

Schools across the US have been turning to DipJar to help boost their fundraising! Check out these creative use cases that have helped schools bring in thousands of dollars in donations. 

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

The DipJar is by far the fastest way to collect money off of credit cards and our #1 choice as a selling tool. We are now the happy owner of three DipJars and our supporters are very pleased with the speed of our lines!
— Lorelei McCollough, LACHSA

LACHSA has raised over $27,000 with DipJar to date! They use their DipJars to sell event entrance tickets, school merchandise, concessions and student art books.

Natick High School

Natick High School used DipJar to raise money for the student’s after prom party. DipJar was a useful tool for this major event, and was easily implemented into other fundraisers throughout the school’s various committees and teams!

Usually when people give us cash it’s one or two dollar donations, but because the DipJar had the amounts on it, people gave us ten or fifteen dollars, I don’t think anyone gave less than ten. Even people paying cash were much more willing to give.

Burning Tiger Robotics

A high school club and a local makerspace teamed up for some community fundraising! Check out the video and blog post to learn more.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!