DipJar for Theaters

Theaters across the US have been turning to DipJar to help boost their fundraising! Check out these creative use cases that have helped theaters bring in thousands of dollars in donations. 

Central Square Theater

Central Square Theater has raised over $50,000 with DipJar to date! Their frequent and creative DipJar usage has helped them see a serious increase in donations.

Square works successfully for us in concessions and things where we’re doing a sales transaction. We don’t like to think about fundraising that way, we like to think about it as relationship building
— Catherine Carr Kelly, Central Square Theater

The Front Porch Arts Collective

It’s not just theaters that are using DipJar! Arts collectives, like The Front Porch, use DipJar to collect donations after performances at various venues.

The Catastrophic Theatre

Catastrophic Theatre's "pay what you can" policy ensures that everyone can enjoy their productions! At the opening night of their current show, a staff member got on stage and made a speech with their DipJar in hand. One dip in the $20 DipJar subsidizes half the cost of the suggested ticket price, and two dips covers the full suggested ticket price. This strategy motivated the audience to double dip and help out their community. Catastrophic Theatre brought in $1,120 in one night


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!