DipJar for Small Nonprofits

Discover how DipJar revolutionizes fundraising for small nonprofits - facts, case studies, and recommendations!

December 20, 2018

We are often asked how DipJar can be successful for small nonprofit organizations. We understand that investing in a new piece of technology can be intimidating, so we’re providing you with some facts, case studies and recommendations to help you make the leap!

Demonstrates Your forward-thinking

Times are changing. Our fast-paced world is demanding faster, and more user friendly solutions to everything we encounter. The nonprofit sector is definitely not exempt from these societal shifts. Investing in technology demonstrates your forward-thinking and open-mindedness. Traditional donation collection methods are becoming clunky and outdated. DipJar is a low-effort addition that demonstrates your nonprofit’s investment in innovation and change.

Improves the Donor Experience

Happy donors are donors who are committed to your nonprofit organization. They know that without their generous donations, your nonprofit cannot do the work you do. Make the process of giving as seamless (and fun!) as possible. DipJar simplifies giving and breaks it down to one step. The pre-set dollar amount cuts down on the friction that can come with making a donation, as well as seamlessly allows you to associate each donation with a specific campaign or program (one $30 donation feeds a family for a week!) In-person giving still needs to be a key piece of your fundraising strategy, DipJar helps you accomplish this more easily and effectively.

Helps Foster Business Partnerships

As a small nonprofit, it is important to establish valuable connections with other organizations in your community. A DipJar is an easy way to foster this partnership. Businesses and corporations love to give back, especially to local, community-based organizations. Lend your DipJar to a business for a fixed period of time and help them do the fundraising for you! The custom branding will get your nonprofit in front of new eyes, and the business will love demonstrating their willingness to give back.

Case Studies

The best way to imagine your nonprofit using DipJar is to see it in action. Here are some videos of smaller nonprofits fitting DipJar into their fundraising plan in a variety of creative ways.

1. Dollar for Portland: Growing your organization through daily donation collection

Jared Walker, the self proclaimed “one man show,” has mastered both daily donation collection and corporate partnerships. His DipJars rotate from business to business, and he’s racking in the donations! He’s got new things coming for 2019 so stay tuned.


2. The Makery: Raising money for an organization that lost its funding

Burning Tiger Robotics is a high school program that was losing its funding. They teamed up with a local makerspace and raised $1,400 at this small scale event with $10 and $25 donations.


3. Natick High School: Collecting donations more quickly than ever before

Natick High School previously collected cash donations to fund school programs. With DipJar, they raised more money in one hour than they used to raise in six hours! The pre-set dollar amounts on the DipJars helped to bump up the cash donations as well.


4. Friends of the Kansas City Library: DipJar donations beat out all other methods

The Friends of Kansas City Library used DipJar for their first ever fundraiser! As this was their first event, they weren’t sure of the best means to collect donations. To give the donors choice, they accepted cash, check, PayPal, or DipJar donations. DipJar beat out all the rest by bringing in $3,300.


If you have more questions about nonprofit strategy you can always reach out to the DipJar fundraising experts for help. It's what we love to do!

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